One of the drags of modern graphic design is that designers are being forced to work on increasingly smaller canvases. The 12 inch square album cover gave way to the 5 inch CD cover, the computer screen is now the size of a phone……I love making posters, because you actually have some breathing room. Here’s some movie and event posters……


Scroll on down the left to see some poster designs.

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13433109_1370622656297500_3789105473874360211_o.jpg WWDP_funk_flyer.jpg TIOH_24x36.jpg H4HNY_24x36.jpg H4H-hollywood-poster.jpg BTBAR.jpg H4H_bos_poster_final.jpg axis-banner_concept2.jpg ASTERIA-PC-FRONT_redux.jpg ije.jpg amanda-poster.final_.jpg cb.post_.lo_rez.jpg 09bman-buck-tic1.jpg falcon1.jpg ed2013.jpg ed2011.jpg ed-ball-sf-8.jpg